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​​"Viking Demolition Contractors shall assure the protection of its employees and the environment utilizing best available technology, means, and methods, in accordance with the moral and ethical principles by which we are professionally bound. Viking places and emphasis on professionalism, service, and production for our clients by providing the highest quality and efficiency to complete every task" - Viking Demolition Contractors

In today’s industry, safety is not just a priority, it's strongly regulated and inspected. Here at Viking and BMW Environmental, we emphasis three main concepts: 1. The safety of our employees and others in our work area. 2. Taking the necessary and protective measure to prevent injury and illness. 3. Protecting the Environment. 

Our specialized industry offers hazards and other dangerous elements not commonly found in other construction jobs or on other construction sites.  We strongly believe that all incidents are preventable. We provide all our employees with regulatory health and safety training, drug screening, and regularly scheduled physicals. We have taken it even further by staying ahead of current safety regulations and implementing the newest safety techniques. We have a current CSP (Certified Safety Professional) on staff and overviews all our safety plans and training; which adds the extra quality and ensurance that our work can be completed with the safest and most efficient way possible. 

Safety and regulatory compliances are of utmost importance to Viking Demolition and BMW Environmental Services Corp. Safety is in direct correlation to Viking Demolition's standards and quality of work that is done efficently, on time, and within budget.  Our safety performance continuously demonstrates improvement and outperforms industry benchmark standards. Our project management teams and our employees are completely hands-on with all safety and OSHA procedures and compliances.

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